Friday Show & Tell: P to T Alphabet Cards

Hello friends – how was your Good Friday? We’ve enjoyed a fairly quiet day with church this morning and plenty of time to stop and reflect on the true meaning of Easter. 🙂 Paul says he enjoyed his toasted and buttered gluten free hot cross bun (toasted with butter makes them extra tasty apparently) and I remembered to wear the bun earrings I bought last year!

Here are the next five cards I made for the Alphabet challenge; out of this group, the Rabbit card received the most love on Instagram. 🙂

17 Feb 2023 •{P}• I didn’t know that each penguin has their own unique call just like humans have unique voices. Apparently, it helps them identify their mate in large crowds; how cool is that?!

18 Feb 2023 •{Q}• It’s been a very warm day in Sydney today so I definitely won’t be needing one of these tonight!!

19 Feb 2023 •{R}• Rabbits are very effective baby-makers! Mother rabbits are pregnant for about a month then give birth to up to 14 babies!! ???? No wonder some people consider them as pests rather than pets!

20 Feb 2023 •{S}• I still love collecting seashells when I go to the beach! ???? This one is sparkly, but it’s hard to see …

21 Feb 2023 •{T}• I’ve discovered there’s quite an art to making a cup of tea! Tea leaves or tea bags? Do you heat the teapot first? Teacups or mugs? Should you add the milk first or last? ..

MEANWHILE … just before dinner we had a hailstorm that seemed to come from nowhere and didn’t last for very long; it was so noisy!! 

Thanks so much for visiting and I hope you have a safe and happy Easter break. Megan xo

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