Alphabet Cards : U to Z

Hello friends! This should have been posted weeks ago, but the Fridays were extra busy and I just couldn’t manage it – today’s the day! Here are the final cards I made for the Alphabet challenge; out of this group, the Zebra card received the most love on Instagram.

22 Feb 2023•{U}• Umbrellas have a fascinating history! The ancient form gave protection from the sun (like a parasol) and was invented over 4,000 years ago (Egypt ~ Greece ~ China); so cool!! ☂️

23 Feb 2023 •{V}• Only 5 letters of the alphabet to go, and while I thought about Vampires, Vipers and Vixens, I decided to go with something more familiar for this one!

24 Feb 2023 •{W}• Did you know walruses use sea ice as platforms for lots of activities? They rest and shelter from rough seas and predators, nurse their young, and launch their dives for clams and mussels – so interesting!

25 Feb 2023 •{X}• I’m guessing most people have had a few of these taken?!! Recently, they were required to confirm I needed root canal work!

26 Feb 2023 •{Y}• Can you guess? I thought the you-know-what could also be yodelling!! 

27 Feb 2023 •{Z}• Woohoo, we made it!! A to Z in 26 days, starting and ending with two of the most popular illustrations: ‘A’pples and ‘Z’ebras!

MEANWHILE … we’ve decided to get back into playing board games and have started with the very safe game of Scrabble (not the best photo, sorry!):  

Thanks so much for dropping by 🙂 Keep an eye out for the ‘A Card a Day in May’ Challenge – I’m hoping to participate again!
Megan xo

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