Friday Show & Tell: F to J Alphabet Cards

Hello friends and Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Here are the next five cards I made for the Alphabet challenge; out of this group, the Jellyfish card received the most love on Instagram:

7 Feb 2023•{F}• I recently read that Australia was once a land graced by flamingos. Once upon a time, they fed on vast inland lakes, until a drying of the outback ended their reign, perhaps a million years ago – amazing!

8 Feb 2023
•{G}• As a child, I loved to look at our globe of the world – it was so colourful! I haven’t seen a globe in decades; I wonder how many countries have changed their names in that time?

9 Feb 2023
•{H}• Another way for this rather cute hippo to make a splash!

10 Feb 2023
•{I}• Most children find these creepy crawly creatures quite fascinating. And most adults? Not so much!

11 Feb 2023
•{J}• Some jellyfish are clear, but others are in vibrant colours such as pink, yellow, blue and purple, and they’re often luminescent! What colours have you seen?
Do you have a favourite?

As it was St. Patrick’s Day today (and I have lots of Irish DNA) I decided to make myself a card! 

I’ll see you next week for the ‘K to O’ cards and thanks so much for dropping by.
Megan xo

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