Friday Show & Tell: A to E Alphabet Cards

Hello friends! Last month, I made cards for a fun Alphabet Challenge and managed to post a new letter card for 26 days in a row! Here are the first five cards:

2 Feb 2023•{A}• Many Australian children (and their dedicated teachers) are back at school this week – may it be their best year yet!

3 Feb 2023•{B}• Did you know Australia has about 400 species of butterfly? Not as many as some countries, but that’s way more than I thought (and I can only name a few!!).

4 Feb 2023•{C}• Alligators aren’t native to Australia, but we have plenty of crocodiles: the saltwater ones are famous thanks to a certain ?movie? you may have seen!

5 Feb 2023•{D}• These dinosaurs have been extinct for a very long time, but children are still fascinated by them (and even some adults are too!)

6 Feb 2023•{E}• Usually you might think of an ‘Elephant’ or perhaps an ‘Egg’, but I’ve been thinking about my beautiful sister in Paris! ? @vee_speers

Do you have a favourite? The Butterfly card received the most love on Instagram while the Eiffel Tower was also popular! I’ll see you next week for the ‘F to J’ cards and thanks so much for dropping by. 🙂  Megan xo

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