One of ‘those’ weekends!!

Good morning friends! Now I know I promised to add more cards to my Etsy shop on the weekend, however … Saturday night, hubby woke with severe pains and cramping in his abdominal area. It just wouldn’t go away so I called ‘000’. Bruce and Tony (the paramedics) arrived quickly and did a fantastic job of looking after him – Paul was even grateful for the injection 🙂 Then off to Blacktown Hospital to be thoroughly checked out (sadly, he was too sick to enjoy the ride!):

We’re none the wiser as to why he was in so much pain (and before you ask, it wasn’t my cooking 😉 ), but he’s very glad to be home!! 

Our beautiful daughter and granddaughter sent flowers (they’re currently travelling overseas): 

And these cards WILL be added later today:Pinky promise!! Megan xo

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