Make it Monday on Tuesday!

Just sharing a quick update on Monday’s make: Magical Reindeer Food! The reindeer food needs to be edible in case children or animals taste it so I was really happy when I found these:I also bought the red sugar sprinkles and silver star accents and mixed them all into the rolled oats – it looks great! The solid plastic test tubes are perfect for holding the ‘food’ and the silver coloured screw caps work really well:

I’ve just finished decorating them with coloured tinsel pipe cleaners, jingle bells and reindeer pom poms and love how they look! Now to find the best way to display them for the Market:

There’s a cute poem to go with the food and I’ve made copies to give to every person who buys some Magical Reindeer Food! I hope this give you a little inspiration of something you could try for yourself, and thanks so much for visiting today! Megan xo

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