Make it Monday: Market Preparation

Mondays are working out to be the best day for me to set aside time for studio work. And I have extra motivation at the moment to meet Etsy Shop order deadlines and prepare for a Market!!

These super cute treat boxes were a Market Stall best seller last year (I suspect the mini shopping trolley added to their appeal!):

I followed Heidi Smith’s YouTube tutorial for a Double Ferrero Lego Style Box and used the box to hold 6 tic tac minis rather than 2 Ferrero Rocher chocolates (I bought the tic tac minis cheaply from a local Reject Shop). I’ve just finished making them to sell and am really happy with how they’ve turned out: I hope this give you a little inspiration of something you could try for yourself, and thanks so much for visiting today! Megan xo

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