Make it Monday: Market Preparation

Another productive day in the studio and a few more Market Stall projects can be ticked off the list!! These Hershey’s Nugget Trays were my second best seller last year so I decided to make them again. I covered 300 delicious nuggets (yes, 300!!) a few weeks ago and today I finished packaging them up and sealed them off with a simple but striking hand stamped tag: 

Simple but classy! There are lots of ideas for making these on Pinterest and YouTube, and many include the detailed measurements you need to make them yourself. The nuggets can be purchased quite cheaply at Costco but are also available online from a number of other shops. The Hershey’s Nugget Trays are just so versatile; you can make them for all sorts of occasions, like birthdays or Valentine’s Day, by just changing up the paper you wrap the nuggets in.

I hope this give you a little inspiration of something you could try for yourself, and thanks so much for visiting today! Megan xo

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