A wish for Emily #11: a published author!!

Hello friends! Check out this gorgeous smile!! Emily’s had her written work published in an anthology of award-winning stories by NSW primary school students from the WriteOn 2018 writing competition; it features outstanding examples of different text types – wow!!!

Her Mum shared on A wish for Emily: When you have lots of time in hospital and connected to an IV pole at home, your legs may not work as well as others, but your mind rises to the challenge! Emily has always loved books and writing stories. Last year she entered a writing competition and her work has been published in a book which was presented in a whole school assembly:Her story was read out to the assembly as she was the only child to be published in the primary school. It was just wonderful to see her excitement at being recognised for something she loves doing. The school community were so beautiful supporting and encouraging her.

A Wish for Emily has a facebook page if you’d like to follow her journey, and donations are able to be made through gofundme.com/awishforemily. Any funds raised this way (and through EiderCraft) support her wish to have her family near her when the time comes for a multi-organ transplant. Thanks so much for reading and taking an interest in beautiful Emily!! Megan xo

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    1. I’ll pass on your congratulations Rae, and thanks for all you do to support ‘A wish for Emily’!! 🙂

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