Countdown to Christmas 2021: 7 weeks!

Hello friends! How about some cheery candy canes this week? For these boxes I strayed away (far away!) from red and white and experimented with a rainbow of colours 🙂 

I took inspiration, and instruction for the box design, from the super talented Sam Hammond Donald’s Candy Cane Topped Boxes (aka Pootles):

This Candy Canes background stamp is what I call a happy stamp – it makes me smile! 

One piece of A4 white cardstock makes 4 box lids that are 4″ x 5″ (10 x 12.5 cm): 

I own a few different stamp positioning tools and the Tonic Studios platform worked well for this project, helping to give really good ink coverage: 

Here’s the rainbow of candy canes! 

And the coordinating cardstock to make the bases for the boxes – so pretty! 

The base measures 6″ x 7″ (15 x 17.5 cm) and is scored at 2″ (5 cm) on each side: 

Step 1 after burnishing the score marks is to cut the cardstock like this: 

Step 2 is to cut the 4 corner flaps in half; it helps reduce the bulkiness of the cardstock as the side flaps don’t overlap: 

I usually tear this double-sided tape but thought it looked better (for a photo) if I cut it with scissors! 

The box lids are produced in a similar way but scored just under 1″ (2.5 cm) on each side: 

Voila! Such a great sized box (2″ x 2″ x 3″ or 5 x 5 x 7.5 cm) that could hold sweet treats or small gifts: 

The candy cane pattern is quite ‘busy’ to look at so I designed a clean and simple topper that wasn’t so simple to make! I used (1) a Pretty Pillowbox Die (coloured card), (2) a small Stitched Rectangle Die (white card), (3) a Frosted Gingerbread swirl die (coloured card), and (4) a Rhinestone Basic Jewel for the centre:

The sentiment ‘Merry Christmas’ goes inside the lid! It’s from the Perfectly Plaid stamp set, and the elongated octagonal shapes are dies from Hippo & Friends

Do you have a favourite colour?

MEANWHILE … I sometimes play scrabble using an app on my phone and 104 is the highest score I can remember getting for one word! 

So happy you could stop by for a few minutes, I really appreciate it! Have a good week, Megan xo

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