Countdown to Christmas 2021: 6 weeks!

Hello friends! It’s all about the sweet treats this weekend and something that can be made quite quickly 🙂 

These chocolates just happened to land in my shopping trolley as they were 1/2 price this week! I like that Quality Street have toffees as well as chocolates but you might prefer Roses chocolates or maybe CelebrationsRather than create a box to hold the chocolates I used these clear envelopes

I cut off the envelope flaps with pinking shears (meant for fabric, but I don’t sew any more!) to make them into bags; the shears also give a nice zig zag edge: 

The tin base says there are approx. 33 servings of 2 sweets in the tin which was spot on! 

I put 7 different chocolates in each bag after sorting them into piles first. Oh look … there are 3 leftover toffees 😉 

Any ribbon can be used to tie the bags closed. I used 13 1/2 feet of this curling ribbon (over 4 metres) but it hardly made a dent in the roll! 

For the tag I chose A tasty treat for someone sweet from the Sweets & Treats stamp set: 

The Bumblebee ink coordinates with the curling ribbon, and 2 dies from Hippo & Friends Dies cut out the sentiment and a base tag from Shaded Spruce cardstock which I embossed

My finishing touch was to add jingle bells to the ribbon so the bags would look more Christmassy: 

MEANWHILE … we’re slowly getting ready …! 

Thanks so much for visiting today; I really appreciate you spending time here and if you have any questions please ask 🙂 I hope this has given you a little inspiration and not made you think too much about chocolate!! Megan xo

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