Countdown to Christmas 2020: 5 weeks!

Hello friends! Another hot day today which has just ended with an impressive thunderstorm (see my quick video at the end!). As you can see, I’ve been busy experimenting with Christmas tree ornaments of different sizes using different double-sided paper: You can make these from any paper and make them whatever size you want – the individual pieces of paper just need to be square! They’re called 3D Paper Snowflakes, but for these examples I only made one point of the snowflake and made that into an ornament. This video gives you a really good idea of how they’re made:  I used the colourful Plaid Tidings 6″ x 6″ (15.2cm x 15.2cm) Designer Series Paper:  The one I’m holding looks a little lopsided as I miscalculated how many cuts to make!  To adhere the pieces together I used liquid glue as it gives me time to get the paper into position, but glue sticks seem to work too:  I also used Toile Tidings Designer Series Paper, but you could use whatever paper you had available 🙂 This ornament is smaller than the brightly coloured ones: But I really like it and think it would look lovely as a snowflake; I’ll need to make 5 more of these if I want that 🙂
MEANWHILE … we’ve just had an impressive thunderstorm come through to cool us down, complete with hail; make sure your volume is switched on!  Thanks so much for being here and I hope you’ll give this week’s inspiration a go ? If you have any questions just ask, and have a lovely weekend, Megan xo

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