NZ Holiday: Snapshot 5

Hello friends! Each of the coastal areas, where we’ve recently spent a few days, have a real beauty of their own 🙂 In Kaikoura, we saw reminders of the destructive power of the 2016 earthquake (magnitude 7.8) as the rebuild continues:

We saw beaches, quite different to those we’re used to:

with different wildlife (sleeping sea lion!!)

and stunning snow-capped mountains that appeared through the clouds – wow!!

There were more familiar scenes at Nelson:

And stunning geology at Punakaiki:

One more holiday snapshot to share then we head home; 3 weeks that have quickly disappeared!! Thanks so much for visiting today! Megan xo

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  1. Megan I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts and photographs. So glad to hear your trip has gone smoothly. Rae

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