Friday Show & Tell: K to O Alphabet Cards

Hello friends ~ I hope you’re enjoying the last day of March 2023! Here are the next five cards I made for the Alphabet challenge; out of this group, the Octopus card received the most love on Instagram.

12 Feb 2023 •{K}• Kangaroos and koalas are both iconic Australian marsupials and they’re very popular with tourists (and locals!).

13 Feb 2023  •{L}• I remember these were such fun to find and collect when we were children, but they always had to be put back in the garden!

14 Feb 2023  •{M}• What’s not to love about these cuties?! Sydney Zoo isn’t far away so we can visit them whenever we want!

15 Feb 2023  •{N}• I agree that the friendly squirrel is a tad distracting, but the word is pretty easy to work out!

16 Feb 2023  •{O}• This was a more obvious alphabet choice, right? ????. I chose pink, but the octopus could also have been gray, brown, green or even blue in colour!

I’m not sure who to credit for this, but I had to laugh (sort of at myself!!):This post is a week late as I forgot we’d be away last weekend – sorry! I’ll see you next week for the ‘P to T’ cards and thanks so much for dropping by.
Megan xo

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