A wish for Emily #9: new year new school!

It’s a few months since I’ve shared anything about Emily so here goes!! Lots has been happening as she has moved to a school much closer to home and while this has had its challenges, the new school is amazing! The teams supporting Emily have worked incredibly hard to make this all happen and it has really been worth it; she’s making new friends and loving life!  And her health? As you can see Emily looks quite well at the moment, yet looks can be deceptive! Her growth remains a concern, but she has put on a little weight and regular infusions are helping strengthen her bones. She only survives because of artificial nutrition and will need that multi-organ transplant when the time is right. In the interim, and despite all the challenges Emily faces, the family are loving having some ‘normal’ time together: My Etsy shop has been a little quiet since the excitement of Christmas, but I’ve been able to donate $98 to A wish for Emily which has reached $25k, a quarter of the $100,000 goal!! Woohoo!! Have a happy week and thank you for all your support and encouragement; I really appreciate it! Megan xo

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