What I was making on Wednesday!

I realise the black and white sketch didn’t trick anyone! I was making Christmas crackers and decided to call them ‘Candy Quackers’; you should’ve heard the groans from family!! To make these you just need the envelope punch board, whatever paper and ribbon you have on hand, and some ‘sweets or treats’ (wrapped lollies or other small item/s to include):

I bought sweets in the traditional red, green and white colours to go with the paper I wanted to use, but you could make the crackers in any colour or with any patterned paper, and they’re great for other occasions too. This photo shows about half the crackers I made:

I’m going to add a simple ‘For You’ tag just to finish these off. I hope you enjoyed finding out about the picture, and thanks so much for visiting today! Megan xo

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