EiderCraft and ‘A wish for Emily’!

Hello friends! Super excited to share that EiderCraft (that’s me!!) was able to donate $2,007 to A wish for Emily in 2018!! **That’s a L-O-T of cards!!!**And a massive heartfelt “THANK YOU” to all those who continually encourage me in my creating through interacting on the facebook page or in person, who shop from me, and who are 100% behind Emily and her family!

The goal of A wish for Emily remains the same: to raise funds to enable Emily’s family to relocate to Melbourne and support her when the time comes to have a multi-organ transplant. Still a way to go as you can see, but it’s getting there:Many of you may not know that three years ago Emily was a very sick little girl and spent a lot of time in and out of hospital; the future didn’t look bright:

But for now, her health is reasonably stable as she keeps to the daily regimes and regular hospital visits; each year is a true blessing and she can’t wait to be 10 years old!!

I’m excited about another year of designing and creating beautifully crafted handmade cards to sell for A wish for Emily and seeing whether I can donate even more in 2019!! Thanks so much for reading 🙂  Megan xo

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  1. Emily is such a blessing to all who know her and love her. Congratulations Megan for being a huge part of her fundraising for Emily’s Wish. You truly are an inspiration. ♥️

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