EiderCraft and A wish for Emily: Annual check up!

Hello friends! Just 12 months ago I launched the EiderCraft facebook page in support of A wish for Emily! This was the story then:So, did I do it?? Well, in those 12 months I added lots of cards to my Etsy Shop with the proceeds of any sales going to A wish for Emily, an amazing  total of $2,700!!

I’m so grateful for all those who support and encourage me, and those who are able to purchase what I create – family, friends and strangers!! Every purchase is a baby step towards realising Emily’s wish for her family to be with her when it comes time for the multi-organ transplant. 

In the meantime from her Mum, Mel: “While she still relies on artificial nutrition, her bones are still weak, and she often has pain … she just keeps on going! This kid is amazing! I am honoured to be her mum and full of thankfulness for all the teams at both hospitals and her school. Transplant is still there but for now we are thankful.”

Thanks so much for stopping by and let’s see what EiderCraft can achieve 12 months from now!! Megan xo


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