Countdown to Christmas 2020: 2 weeks!

Hello friends! I love this time of year for packaging sweet treats to share. ? This was the first batch of “Star Pockets” I made; so lovely to look at with all the different colours of cardstock:  And these were part of the second batch: I bought this Sizzix die years ago and it still remains one of my favourites for ease of use! I haven’t tried using the pocket for biscuits/cookies, but that was the original concept: One sheet of A4 cardstock makes 2 pockets and the die gives you score lines as well as cutting out the shape:  You can see the score lines more clearly in this picture, and just pressing the lines with your fingers works well if you don’t have a bone folder: Liquid glue seals the edges really well. ? I glued the bottom flap on the outside instead of underneath as I think this gives added stability when placing Hershey’s Kisses inside (it easily holds 10):  I decorated the pockets with a silver star and packaged them in the clear translucent medium envelopes after trimming off the adhesive end:  I tied each one off with gold twine, a silver ribbon bow and 2 bells:  MEANWHILE … we needed to attend a family funeral on Monday afternoon and rather than try and travel back after a long day, we stayed overnight at Mollymook; it’s such a beautiful spot:  Thanks so much for taking some time out to visit me today. ? I hope your lead up to Christmas has a nice balance of relaxation and rushing around! Have a happy weekend, Megan xo

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