Christmas Countdown: 1 week!

With 1 week to go here’s a quick update on Emily (she LOVES Christmas!!) and some very special experiences she’s had over the last 2 months! From her Mum, Mel: “This little superstar continues to battle the odds! Despite osteoporosis, colostomy and central line for her iv nutrition and hydration… she relished the opportunity to perform the sugar plum fairy at her dance concert!! It was a lot of work to get everything hidden under that tutu, and a few tears ripping it all off after the show, but so worth it to see that smile on stage with her friends!!”

Towards the end of November, she had a very special day at the Annual Variety Christmas party! “We are so blessed to be part of the Variety community.”

This was balanced off against a regular trip to Hospital for an iron infusion that didn’t quite go to plan:

And finally, sharing the limelight with Joe the Porter in a 7 News Exclusive!! This was to help increase awareness about the 2018 Radiothon to raise much-needed funds for The Children’s Hospital at Westmead:

Overall, the last couple of months have been pretty awesome and Em is VERY excited about Christmas!! Thanks so much for taking time to visit today! Megan xo

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