Christmas Catch Up and a Happy New Year!!

Hello friends! I can’t believe 2 weeks have passed since my last Christmas Countdown post!! So, what’s been happening? We’ve been celebrating the birth of Jesus and enjoying the slow down time between Christmas and new year. A highlight was the discovery of this new nativity book: 

There’s been Gingerbread House creating and lots of eating! 

The setting and resetting of the table a number of times as family come and go (yes, the visiting pets feel right at home)!! 

Using the air fryer for the baked vegetables each time – love it!! 

Getting to choose Christmas glasses and headbands to wear; the plum puddings are still my favourite! Can you find them?!

Making lots of Hershey Nuggets Christmas crackers (plus boxes) to share: 

And saying ‘thank you’ to others with more treats!

Whew! Thanks so much for taking the time to visit today and I want to wish you a happy and blessed new year. I’m excited about sharing my creative journey with you in 2020 as I support A wish for EmilyMegan xo  

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  1. A cat on the table! They have taken over!! Like Honey in last nights storm was on the bed with us!! Love and happy new year to you all! God bless. Xx

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