A wish for Emily #12: Happy 10th Birthday!!

Hello friends! So incredible to be able to celebrate Emily’s 10th birthday and to share the following words from her Mum: She did it! Double digits! A huge few days of celebration! Thanks so much to all the amazing people who came from near and far to celebrate. To our dear close friends and family who stick by us through the good times and the rough. Thank you to her friends who came to party and who make life so “normal”.

Thanks to the amazing Ruby for the wonderful slime!

The come down from days of celebration … absolute exhaustion. A day at hospital today for Emily’s regular infusion to strengthen her bones. We were blessed to run into lots of people today at hospital, who have helped over the years.

They were all amazed at her reaching 10 and many had stories to tell her of times they spent with her over the years. Times that taught them to keep going when life is tough. On the way home, Emily was quiet, then she said “Mum, I think I’ve worked out why this happened to me; my story gives other people hope.” Yes it does my girl. It certainly does.

Thanks so much for visiting today and taking time to read about Emily 🙂 I look forward to sharing another holiday-inspired card very soon! Megan xo



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