A wish for Emily #5: back in Sydney and back to school!

Anyone else love unicorns??  Emily definitely does, so imagine her delight when a rainbow-colored Pet Therapy dog came to visit the Children’s Hospital!! Her smile says it all!

Soon after coming back to Sydney and going back to school with her friends, Emily became ill with a cold; this always knocks her around as she has a compromised immune system. Fortunately, she recovered in time to go back for the last week of term. Happy Emily!!:

She was extremely well while in Melbourne and the decision was made not to list her yet for the transplant. This is because her quality of life now is much better than it would be post transplant. On the other hand, one bad bug or a central line infection could send her into liver failure which means she would need to be already listed for transplant. Further discussion and negotiation between hospitals needs to happen. Meanwhile, her family are building lots of special memories together: 

A Wish for Emily has a facebook page if you’d like to follow her journey and donations are able to be made through gofundme.com/awishforemily. As promised 11 weeks ago, I’ve shown my Etsy shop lots of TLC (Tender Loving Cards) and all proceeds from the sales are going to support A wish for Emily!

Thanks so much for reading and wish me luck being crafty!!

Megan xo


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