A wish for Emily #13: May Update

Hello friends! I recently posted about the miracle of Emily being able to celebrate her 10th birthday at the end of March, but sadly her life is never straightforward! On May 24 her Mum shared (through A wish for Emily): On the surface she looks okay, a bit yellow again so we will do some checks on her liver next week. Underneath she is struggling with a range of concerns from friendships issues, to going through another pain cycle, to dealing with the death of her beloved pet rabbit, to needing another iron infusion. During the day she tries so hard to hold it all together, at night she is exhausted and emotional. This weekend is all about fun and relaxation. We were able to spend a couple of hours crafting and she finished off this colourful creation:

We also watched … any guesses??! 

At the end of May it was time for a big day of infusions – not fun, but necessary:
What was fun, however, was being able to welcome a beautiful rescue bunny soon after the hospital visit. Apparently he’s already very loved and quite spoilt!

Winter has arrived and it’s time for me to add more stock to my EiderCraft Etsy Shop – yay!! –  and some of the designs will come from the **A Card a Day in May** challenge 🙂 Thanks for helping to keep me accountable!! Megan xo

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