A Wish for Emily

Meet Emily! We love to craft together if given the chance and she comes up with some amazing creations as you can see:

Emily has a passion for life, but when just 2 years old suffered a medical emergency resulting in the loss of all her intestines. She receives all her nutrition and hydration needs intravenously through a central line, but the human body isn’t designed to “eat” this way long term. Emily now has several significant complications such as irreversible liver damage and osteoporosis.

Emily’s one hope is to receive a multi organ transplant which is available only in Melbourne, and would mean relocating there from Sydney for 1 to 2 years. Without this transplant, she’s unlikely to live past her 9th birthday. Emily’s wish is for her family to be with her during this time, but to do this both her parents would need to become full-time carers to  support her, and her siblings, during this period living interstate. And so A Wish for Emily was born! 

The goal is to raise funds to enable Emily’s family to relocate to Melbourne and support her during this traumatic time. EiderCraft has a much neglected Etsy shop which is about to receive a massive dose of TLC (Tender Loving Cards) and all the proceeds from sales through Etsy, or purchased from me in person, will go to A Wish for Emily.

A Wish for Emily has a facebook page if you’d like to follow her journey and donations are able to be made through gofundme.com/awishforemily.

Thanks so much for reading and wish me luck crafting!!                                               Megan xo